A tribute to my x100s / by James Posilero

We all have that one camera which took our love for photography to the next level and that camera, for me, was the sleek Fujifilm x100s. I loved the tactile, retro look! It was light and easy to hold all day long and as a newbie back then it was very helpful to be able to see the exposure even before I have fully pressed the shutter. The images were superb too! It's Fujifilm and that's pretty much a given!

One day I found it no longer served my needs so I went on to purchase a second-hand XT-1 to pursue landscape photography but I decided to keep the x100s simply because I couldn't let her go. She was my first love after all!

A couple of months have passed and she has not seen any action, stored and ignored. So with a heavy heart I sold her to someone who will give her the life she was meant to have... to create images.

Below are images I created with my x100s and sad to say I miss her!


I am not a street photographer but I hope you enjoyed them. Let me know in the comments below what camera changed your photography forever.

Thank you as always!