JPEG Weekly - Entry No. 7 / by James Posilero

I have set myself a challenge a couple of weeks ago and it is to shoot like I am shooting with film.

Here are the rules of the challenge:

  1. Except for my landscape work or any paid work (fingers crossed), everything else is photographed in JPEG.

  2. Each frame is only taken once and I cannot re-take the image.

  3. The rear LCD screen of my camera is turned off.

  4. I am not allowed to review my frames.

Since I started with this challenge, more and more I am learning to be happy with what comes straight out of my camera. Every press of the shutter is more deliberate and considered and the idea is to learn to slow down and think of absolutely everything before you press that shutter rather than spraying and praying.

I challenge you to do the same and when you post it online please use the hashtag #JPEGweekly so that I may be able to search for your images.

All photos from my Fujiflm X-T3, SOOC.