JPEG Weekly - Entry No. 1 / by James Posilero

Welcome to the first entry of what I hope to be a regular (weekly as the title suggests) blog series.

As I grow as a photographer I am finding more and more the need to create images on a daily basis. Whether I photograph everyday is another story. Being a landscape photographer I generally shoot in the blue and golden hours of sunrise and sunset but I feel keeping it this way has been stunting my growth & has given me an insatiable thirst, one that can only be quenched by peering through a viewfinder and pressing the shutter button... Often.

Committing to this blog series is a bit daunting because as much as I love photography I also have a life to live, family & friends to connect with, chores to do, and full-time work to support this addiction so a few rules needed to be made.

1.      Keep it simple.

2.      Genre & subject do not matter… just shoot!

3.      Do not expect portfolio shots… although a couple may just turn out to be.

4.      All photos to be straight out of the camera JPEGs, no post-processing no matter how little. What I see is what I get… and share.

5.      I will use any camera available to me whether it be my Samsung S8, Fujifilm XT-3 or Fujifilm Instax Mini.

6.      Most importantly… create & have fun!


All images are from my beautiful Fujifilm XT-3, SOOC JPEG, Eterna Film Simulation which I’ve really taken a liking to.

Thank you as always.